Touring Madrid in a Day

IMGP0130We only had about one full day in Madrid and we were determined to make the best of it, packing in a tour of the Prado museum and National Palace. The Prado museum is probably one of the best museums in the world and is worth a visit. If you go, plan to dedicate at least half a day, and a full day if you are a die-hard art aficionado.

 Photos near the Prado

IMG_20150104_041139   IMGP0133


Royal Palace

After our Prado tour, we to the Royal Palace within about an hour of it closing. I wish we had done the audio tour, but we just didn’t have time. You really need a few hours if you are going to go all out on touring the Palace. But I hear that is really the way to tour this spectacular monument, which is where state ceremonies and other state functions take place

IMGP0138 IMGP0135

IMGP0141 IMG_20150104_075915

After our whirlwind tour through the Palace, Todd finally got to do a Spanish beer tasting!

20150104_161939 IMG_20150104_084504

Evening Festivities

Then on for tapas at …


Taberna del Chata is amazing, and the perfect stop right across the street from a local Flamenco theatre. We ended the night with a Flamenco show, then Spain’s famous hot chocolate, which is more like syrup, and a churro! You can find these places everywhere in town.

IMG_20150103_121825 IMG_20150104_100614_edit

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